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Can't get enough of Silverwood's amazing and thrill inducing rides? Get dizzy with one of our fun
on-ride videos.

Silverwood Snapshot Aftershock

Silverwood Snapshot Aftershock

Here we go! Get ready to ride Aftershock with Lauren as she takes you on the top inverted roller coaster in the nation (as voted by Travel Channel). Sit back, relax, and be ready to scream! Be sure to stay tuned for the outtakes.

Silverwood Snapshot Timber Terror

Silverwood Snapshot Timber Terror

If you love or are scared of roller coasters, then this video is perfect for you. Sit back, relax in your comfy chair and join Lauren as she rides Silverwood's first wood roller coaster Timber Terror!

Silverwood Snapshot Tremors

Silverwood Snapshot Tremors

Here is your chance to ride Silverwood Theme Park's extreme roller coaster Tremors! Hop on board with Lauren as she takes you for a ride you won't soon forget. Don't worry, she is afraid of heights too!

Coaster Wars Teaser

Preview of Insane Coaster Wars - Premiered on Travel Channel July 8 at 6pm E/P

See if you can find Aftershock in this teaser for the NEW series "Insane Coaster Wars" on Travel Channel. The series premiered July 8th 2012!

Aftershock Roller Coaster

Aftershock POV - Once you board, the cars will slowly move backwards up the starting tower until you're staring straight at the ground at nearly 191 feet in the air. Then gravity takes over!

Tremors Roller Coaster

Tremors POV - Ride it and prepare to drop over a hundred feet at 65 mph into a pitch dark underground tunnel, and that's just the first 30 seconds. We asked guests how they would describe the ride in one word, how would you describe it?

Timber Terror Roller Coaster

Timber Terror POV - Since opening in 1996 Silverwood has never been the same. Belonging to a genre of roller coasters know as air coasters, Timber Terror is sure to put plenty of air between your seat and ours giving this coaster thrills and chills all its own.

Panic Plunge Drop Tower

If you like suspense, the slow rise to the top of this 140 foot tall tower is almost as scary as the 47 mph drop. Almost.


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