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American Theme Park

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Have you ever strolled down main street Disneyland and wondered about creating a theme park in your own backyard?

This is the life story of one individual that turned that boyhood dream into reality. From bagging groceries to creating a successful computer company out of his garage, performing airshows in P-51 fighters, building and captaining mega yachts in exotic foreign places this story will captivate anyone who still wonders if the American entrepreneur spirit is still alive.

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Reader comments about the book!

American Theme Park, American Dream!
The title of Mr. Norton's fascinating saga could not be more appropriate: this is truly an American Theme and an American Dream, coming together nicely in American Theme Park.

Mr. Norton clearly operates from the premise that the main difference between the possible and the impossible is that the latter takes slightly longer. His is truly a success story which exemplifies the very foundation of the American entrepreneurial dream. No risk - no reward; you have the right to succeed and you have the right to fail. The latter is not an option Mr. Norton has much familiarity with.

This is a fascinating story, written by a cooly analytical and sharply focused entrepreneur who has never lost contact with his modest beginnings. His solidly anchored ethics are decidedly a part of his formula for success, something the popular media would have you believe is not found in American capitalism. Mr. Norton comes across as a humble and deeply intelligent man who cares deeply about his team and his creations. The reader is left with an intuitive understanding that Mr. Norton's inventory of dreams is far from depleted. Idaho and America will no doubt continue to benefit from his fearless creativity for years to come.

Kjell Bergh
Fascinating and Interesting Story
I just finished reading American Theme Park and am fascinated with the story of how Silverwood was created. Mr. Norton seems to be the ultimate entrepreneur, making his dreams into reality and solving many problems along the way. Once I started reading, it was hard to put the book down.

Wayne J. Anderson

Left: George Harrison of the Beatles aboard the author's yacht YECATS
Right: Fokker DRI in the foreground with Sopwith Camel



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