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The Perfect Way to Reward your Employees

Rewarding your employees and their families is easier than ever with discounted Silverwood and Boulder Beach e-tickets. They get the discount and you get to be the hero, it doesn't get better than that.

SAVE up to $9.

Here's how it works:
  • Tickets are valid any day during our regular 2016 Season.
  • Our online ticket program allows you the convenience of purchasing tickets from your Human Resource office, other business locations or allowing your employees to access the on-line program themselves.
  • Posters and brochures are provided to help you advertise the Silverwood discount program to your employees or members.
  • You have no tickets to secure OR inventory, no accounting records to keep or monthly payment to Silverwood.
  • Tickets are paid for when purchased on-line and you will never run out of tickets because they will always be available to you by simply entering your special code online.
  • You pay for only the tickets that you purchased or sold.
  • Tickets cannot be sold to the general public.

Consignment Use Ideas:

  • Employee awards and incentives
  • Employee benefits
  • Gifts for valued customers
  • Group Outing Addition — If your operating schedule makes it difficult for all of your employees to attend your Silverwood outing, consignment tickets can be provided and billed to your outing event.

Questions? Just call us at (208) 216-4300 or fill out an online request form and ask your Sales Executive for more information.


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